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Ghana’s road transport industry is dominated by inter-city coaches, mini-buses and taxis. In the capital Accra and other major cities like Tema, Takoradi and Kumasi, taxis are the major and most convenient means to move around.

‘Work n Pay’ arrangement is a commercial agreement between a car owner and a driver in which the driver makes regular predetermined weekly sales to the owner over a period of usually two years, after which ownership of the car is transferred to the driver upon satisfactory performance. Usually, the driver is responsible for all repairs and maintenance.


Are there still opportunities to make money in this business? Of course, there are. Road network in Accra and other major cities are getting better, as new ones are constructed and old ones rehabilitated. This means infrequent damage to cars, faster movement around the city, and with a rising population in and around the cities, the demand for taxi services is sure to rise.

As an initial investment, all you need is to buy a car and register it for commercial transport. The cars mostly used as taxis cost between GHc10,000 and GHc17,000 depending on the make, model and year of manufacture. They are often imported second-hand cars. There are however cheaper cars as well that can be used for this business. Cash inflows for this business are regular and often; a weekly sales of between GHc220 and GHc350 is paid to the owner over the period. The average returns in this business is mind-blowing; 50% per annum for two years. This is an opportunity to nearly double your investment in just two years.


Like any other business in this country, there is some inherent risk. The common and major challenges specific to this business are robbery, accidents, engine break downs and rise in fuel prices. Despite these seemingly tall challenges, you do not have to be discouraged from this investment. Talk to an insurance company and the first two challenges will be buried. Though not 100% probable, it is advised that a sinking fund be created for the replacement of an engine over the period.


There is always an opportunity to make some money.