Who We Are

Investment decisions have become very important decisions in our everyday lives. Individuals, businesses and governments make decisions on daily basis that grows or shrinks their portfolios. The effectiveness of most of these decisions depends on available information to the decision maker. Dortis is positioned to go the extra mile to provide our clients with accurate and timely data and information in our areas of expertise. We conduct research in Africa. Dortis is also involved in business process management as well as training and development of your staff. Our expertise spans across many sectors including agriculture, mining, banking and financial services, manufacturing and retail, transport and telecommunication, Tourism and Hospitality, Information Technology, entertainment, education and sports.

Our Mission

To support business and non-business organisations and governments with timely information through insightful research, allowing them to build communities and improve individual livelihoods.

Hire Us

We are a vibrant team of professionals from diverse backgrounds working together to improve the face of business and governance in Africa. We are headquartered in Accra, Ghana.

Contact us for your customized research, information, training and development and business process improvements. We are happy to work with you.


Our Services

Dortis is positioned to go the extra mile to provide our clients with accurate

and timely data and information in our areas of expertise. 


We identify areas with information gaps and conduct extensive research in these areas to come out with findings that are able to make meaningful differences to investment decisions, business operations, and government institutions. We are here to conduct studies and surveys that our clients require and present unbiased results that serve as inputs for various forms of decisions and actions across the continent. Our research is not limited to business, economic and market research but extends to social research, feasibility studies and data management.

Business Process Mgt

The processes of most government institutions, business and non-business organizations can be managed to deliver high-speed and quality services to maximize the shareholder wealth through cost reductions and revenue maximization, while we help you to satisfy the needs of other stakeholders. We work with you to achieve your set business milestones by offering our skills, knowledge and experience in our fields of expertise.

Training and Development

Competent and devoted staff is key to the realization of your business and non-business objectives. We offer training and development modules suited to the needs of modern businesses and government institutions across the continent.